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Why do you need a Salary Guide?

Put yourself and your business in a prime position to hire and retain top marketing, creative, communications and digital professionals.

Get the latest salary figures for your local job market and nationwide, plus up-to-date job descriptions, industry insights and thought leadership—from the experts in staffing and recruiting today’s sharpest and most inspired talent.

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What’s inside?

Localized Salary Data

Get up-to-date salary figures for your area.

Detailed Job Descriptions

Find out what’s expected of today’s creative and marketing pros.

Industry Insights and Thought Leadership

Read about the latest, most relevant market trends and the vision for the future.

What are the benefits?

  • Get a better understanding of the salaries you need to hire and retain top talent.
  • Give your managers the knowledge and confidence to negotiate salaries and make offers.
  • Stay current on the latest job descriptions and industry trends.
  • Make workforce planning easier and more effective.
  • Gain perspective on how hiring and retention strategies are shifting in record-low unemployment.

"Paladin’s Salary Guide has helped us woo the best talent and keep our employees around much longer. We’re now more confident when defining roles and negotiating salaries."

CMO, Paladin Client

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