What’s inside?

  • National Salary Data

    See the national average for base salaries by percentile and experience level across a variety of specialty positions.

  • Localized Salary Data

    Get up-to-date salary figures for your area.

  • Detailed Job Descriptions

    Find out what’s expected of today’s creative and marketing pros.

What are the benefits?

  • Get to know the salary data you need to hire and retain top talent.

  • Give your managers the knowledge and confidence to negotiate salaries and make offers.

  • Have more effective salary discussions and develop better staffing strategies now and into the future.

  • Stay current on the latest job descriptions.

"Paladin’s Salary Guide has helped us woo the best talent and keep our employees around much longer. We’re now more confident when defining roles and negotiating salaries."

CMO, Paladin Client

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