Contract-to-hire services

Our contract-to-hire services allow you to see our talented candidates in action before extending a full-time offer or making a long-term commitment.

We’ll use our intimate knowledge of the job market and our database of 20,000+ qualified candidates to connect you with the talented marketing, creative, communications and digital professionals you need on a contract basis.

Unlike a picture, our Contract-to-hire services leave little to the imagination. You’ll get to see exactly what our candidates can do, how they do it, and how well they fit into your team and your future plans. Then, you decide whether or not to bring our candidates in on a permanent basis. You don’t have to picture a thing as your choice is based on demonstrable results and proven performance.

Our Contract-to-hire services offer these significant benefits:

  • Immediately fill critical positions with top talent while avoiding the expenses — benefits, Workers’ Compensation, SUTA, FUTA, etc. — associated with full-time hires.
  • See our top talent in action in order to make a more informed hiring decision.
  • Our professionals will gain familiarity with your culture, your needs and your processes, ensuring that they are ready to meet all of your expectations if and when you decide to hire them full-time.
  • Address special projects while auditioning candidates for long-term roles.
  • Keep top talent away from your competitors while you gain the freedom and flexibility to tackle priority projects on your schedule.
  • See how creating new combinations in your workforce — adding a writer, designer, programmer, etc. — will impact workflow and productivity, and then you decide if the gains are worth it.

Find any combination of talent you need.

Our contract-to-hire employees give you the option to work with a candidate before you hire them, but we also offer contract professionals for your project and seasonal needs, as well as direct-hire employees when you’re ready to add full-time talent to your payroll. No matter your needs, we offer flexible solutions to deliver the people you need, when and where you need them. For more information, contact the Paladin office in your area.