Career Advice Videos

PR Hero Mary Beth

Not all heroes wear capes. PR stud Mary Beth prefers sweaters – they’re less restricting when she’s dominating in her public relations role for a global Fortune 500 company. Not to mention, they look just right during her meetings with big time decision makers. Think you have what it takes to be a Mary Beth?

Watch this video to see if the shoe/cape/sweater fits. ≫

Dan the Social Media Man

It’s not all about the Emoji. There’s more to a social media marketer than hashtags. Let Dan update you on what it takes.

What he says may motivate you to change your employment status to “Social Media Marketer.” ≫

Code Redman! Code Redman!

For every flawless website you lay your eyes on and every positive user-experience you have online, there’s a Josh Redman who had a hand in coding it.

Get familiar with the behind-the-scenes work of this top digital producer and be inspired. ≫

Jess Knows Best

To keep up in a digital world, get the low-down from Jess—a digital marketing (boss) manager for a global Fortune 500 company.

Watch now ≫

Get the Skinny from Skinner

Find out what it takes to juggle marketing tasks with a little help from Holly Skinner, a “Jill” of All Trades & Marketing Coordinator Extraordinaire. Yes, that’s an official job title. Or at least we think it should be. And we think it would look great on your business card, too.

Watch now ≫

The Chad is Great

Chad is a graphic designer for a BIG company. Like really big. It’s safe to say Chad’s really good at his job. So what does a typical day look like for a successful graphic artist? We’ll let him paint that picture. Since, you know, that’s kind of what he does.

Watch now ≫

The Queen of Collaboration

Madalyn is a Project Manager. If you want something done, you go to Madalyn. Madalyn can turn nothing into something. She’s like a human 3D printer. Or a magician.

Find out how she pulls the proverbial rabbit out of a hat in the world of marketing, and see if you have what it takes to do the same. ≫

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