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Posted by Mike Dwyer on April 28, 2009

Challenge: I conducted an experiment to see exactly what effect I could produce with one blog and thirty minutes of time spent posting on social media tools. Here is what happened:

The Blog: I wrote a blog regarding helpful marketing and alumni association events that I attend on a weekly basis to help build Paladin’s business through face to face networking:

Mike’s Paladin Blog

Vehicles: I dusted off my black social media Ninja robe and my marketing throwing stars and seeded my blog through my 1st and 2nd connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Digg in exactly 30 minutes.

Target Outcome: At Paladin, my role is to bring business in the door and recruit on some of the positions with a focus on marketing communications and social media. We are a marketing and creative staffing firm with over 20 years experience in 6 major markets including Chicago. My target clients are senior level marketing and creative executives in addition to HR professionals within fortune 1000 companies. Ideal outcomes equate to finding new highly qualified candidates and inquires by potential new clients.

Here is What Happened Blog outreach initiative by the #’s: LinkedIn: My LinkedIn “News” section – I sent my blog out to my 20 LinkedIn groups via the news section.

“What are you working on now?” update – I post a link via my update which reaches my 700+ contacts (those that read the updates)

Twitter: My Twitter

500 Twitter followers (I had several Tweeters “Re-tweet” my blog post)

Facebook: My Facebook Page

200 Facebook friends (Posted my blog in my profile)

Results: Tracking – Google Analytics – spiked my blog page hit by 200 readers for the week (a significant increase to our brand new blog).Time spent on the page was significantly higher as well – over 5 minutes.

Comments on blog: We’ve received multiple comments on the blog and several inquiries for interest in our business.

Shared by Others: Still working for me: While the initial results the first week were positive, the blog post and social network outreach continues to pull comments and interest two weeks later.

Why it worked: As a recruiter, a marketer and a Social Media junkie – I have a large network.The larger and the more targeted the network the better.I am very active on Social Media groups that are directly related to the topic. I have created buzz prior and have a sizable footprint in the space.Therefore, I had some momentum out of the box. But anyone can start building the momentum – with a blog, some useful content and thirty minutes of posting.

Stay tuned for part two of our series “Paladin’s Marketing Ninja Guide to Blogging on a Shoestring Budget”, when we feature the results of our associate Elizabeth Stiles blog regarding Lent and 40 days without Facebook and her beloved 1200 Facebook-Friends. Find out if she becomes addicted to Twitter or not and runs back to a always forgiving Facebook in our next installment…

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