LinkedIn Poll: A Pay-It-Forward Success Story

Posted by Mike Dwyer on June 23, 2009

I have been using LinkedIn as a business development, personal brand management, and recruiting and research tool for years. But I have to admit it has taken a lot of time to put the pieces together. The process can be overwhelming trying to navigate the many options available. In fact, at times it has felt more like performing magic than actually getting any tangible, traceable results. The following pertains to a quick success story covering business development, research, and branding through a LinkedIn Poll, an incredibly user-friendly tool.

LinkedIn Poll Success!!
This is actually a two fold success. I had lunch with a Chicago Tribune reporter several weeks ago and she mentioned a story that she was working on regarding social media policy within organizations. When I returned to my office I created a very easy to use LinkedIn Poll.

I circulated the poll out via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Groups as well as my individual contacts. In addition, several of my colleagues here at Paladin sent the poll out to their clients and prospects. We had over 180 responses in a week, along with two fantastic outcomes:

  • Paladin was able to get their client an interview for the Chicago Tribune article and, in turn, Paladin received a job order from the client the very next day.
  • Desert Rose Design, an agency that participated and left a comment in the poll, was contacted by the Tribune and made an appearance in the article as well.

I don’t need to remind anyone how challenging business development can be right now. Paladin is meeting this challenge head on by thinking of ways to add value to our clients regardless of their staffing needs. Magical? No. Achievable? Absolutely.

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