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Posted by Paladin on June 03, 2010

We are happy to announce a few new enhancements to the Paladin web site! After weeks of brainstorming, mock-ups, and opinion-gathering, the new Paladin splash page has features that will appeal to job seekers and employers alike.Needless to say, we want our viewers to have a successful web experience.We understand the importance of a user-friendly environment – and the ability to locate specific elements without having to go two or three layers deep.

To begin with, the site has a cleaner all-around feel.The softer image of pastel-colored pencils replaces the harder image of the three solid-colored category boxes.As the eyes shift from left to right on the page, the viewer immediately sees “How can Paladin help you?”They have one of three options to click on that are highlighted during scroll-over:One for employers, one for job seekers, and one for our associates.

Heading back to the left side of the page (under the pencils image), the viewer sees a simple, straightforward paragraph on what we do, who we work with, how we operate, and why we’re different from the rest.Directly to the right is a Job Search column that allows the job seeker to search via keyword entry, or by selecting the geographic location or job category.Adjacent to this column is the Available Jobs section, which gives job seekers direct access to immediate openings.The last column to the right features thumbnail images of our talent Portfolios.A potential employer can easily click on an image that will take them directly to an imbedded version of that individual’s portfolio.

The top and bottom tabs of the page have remained the same, to comply with traditional professional home page standards.The social media directory is clearly noticeable as well.

In summary, Paladin’s home page is now easier to navigate than the previous version, allowing you to find what you’re looking for in a much shorter period of time.

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