Boss Day 2013

Posted by Paladin on October 14, 2013

Colleagues, customers and the colorful barista at your local coffee shop.  When it comes to workday relationships, none can build your character and your confidence like your boss.

So make sure you remember their big day – Boss’s Day (October 16) – and express your thanks for all your boss does for you.  Need a little inspiration?  We’ve got you covered:

Magic 8 Ball
Some days even the best boss needs a little help making the tough decisions. This classic Magic 8 Ball cuts through the indecision with over 20 possible answers – “Without a Doubt.” Looking for an oracle with a little more edge? Sarcastic Ball will dish out the snarky retorts at a moments’ notice.

Calder Inspired Mobile
Every boss needs a little inspiration. Set the wheels in motion with this Calder-inspired mobile, the perfect blend of art, design and fun.

Bomb Magazine
Being a boss doesn’t mean you stop being an artist.  Put your boss in touch with the creative voice through in-depth interviews between artists working across genre and media. Bomb interviews are legendary! Order a gift subscription to Bomb Magazine.

Muji Color Pencil Set
For the brand weary boss who needs a little rest from the fast-paced world of marketing, this beautifully simple, streamlined and environmentally friendly set of vibrantly-colored pencils will help to inspire a moment of quiet to recharge.

Evernote Premium
Go premium or go home! For the boss who lives in the cloud, Evernote’s annual premium subscription connects the boss on the go with faster access, more data, smarter searching, and full-screen presentation mode.

Content Rules Book
Keep your boss up-to-date on the new rules of social media with one of the hottest books on creating “killer” content to capture and cultivate an online audience.

We hope that these ideas will help you celebrate a happy Boss’s Day with your manager.  Pass on the fun.  Share your Boss’s Day gift ideas in the comments section.

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