A Day In The Life Of A Recruiter

Posted by Paladin on March 19, 2009

The following is a view into my day as an Account Manager with Paladin. While each day varies from the next when you are a recruiter, this Thursday in March 2009 was a pretty good representation of what happens on this side of the desk.

6:30am:        Coffee and local TV news

7:00am:        Wake up ‘tween daughter

7:15am:        More coffee

7:45am:        Daughter heads to school and I head for public transportation

8:05am:        Blue line train to the Loop

Check blackberry for morning messages.
Read 7 habits of Highly Successful People – Just kidding

8:30am:        Arrive at 200 W. Madison

Pick up Wall Street Journal at reception desk if first to arrive – otherwise head over to Business Development Manager, Mike Dwyer’s desk and take it from him. Read front page world events column and skim marketing news.

9:00am:        Candidate Interview

In-person interview with Information Architect for a long-term assignment for a client’s web team.

10:00am:      Candidate Search

Search Paladin database for technical writers for a global client (6 month contract assignment that can be done off-site, any geography).
Search for brand managers for CPG client. Permanent role, Chicago client. Senior level candidates with P & L responsibilities for the product.
Write up Job Postings for our Paladin website for 2 design jobs: Sr. level Web Designer and User Experience Designer.

11:00am:      Staff Meeting

12:30pm:      Client Lunch

Meeting with a former Paladin Associate who is now a Paladin client. Heads up web department at an association. Meeting to understand company structure, web team and how Paladin can help with freelance and permanent staffing needs.


Scheduled call with direct hiring manager to get feedback on a morning interview with a candidate for Marketing Manager position.

Research interactive companies on Hoovers and create a prospective client list. Check contacts against database and LinkedIn. Make calls to connect with prospective or dormant accounts.

Research and calls result in 2 meetings for next week. One with an active client and one with a new client.

Call and email 3 candidates to remind them to submit their time-card.

Revisit search for brand manager. Database includes 500 candidates with brand management experience who live in Chicago region. Drill down search to include 10 years of CPG experience. Results narrow from 500-80 candidates.

Create and send an email blast to candidates regarding position.

4:00pm:        Client Status Call

Bi-weekly status call with client regarding feedback for first round of technical writing candidates submitted 3 days ago. Review new position for a Content Manager role and interview process that will include an editing test and 3 rounds of interviews with 3 different hiring managers in 3 different time zones.

4:30pm:        Wrap-Up

Write up meeting notes and update project timeline. Send to client lead and copy my manager.

5:45pm:        CIMA Annual Dinner

Head out to Chicago Interactive Marketing Association annual dinner. Meet with candidates and clients in the interactive marketing space.

8:20pm:        Head to the Metra for 8:40pm train home.

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