When Sales and Marketing Collaborate

Posted by Paladin on February 01, 2018

Marketing and sales departments often work separately for an array of reasons. They don’t work in the same capacity and don’t understand the other jobs. Both departments are still working for the same common goal: to make sales! Why wouldn’t they work together? The reason tends to be due to two factors. Marketing and sales don’t communicate or collaborate well with each other and they may allow their egos to interfere with the job. We are all human! Rather than work against one another, there are some places in which sales and marketing should get together and find common ground for collaboration and solutions.

Learning the Target Market

Both teams are interested in the target market. The marketing team is researching and comparing data to make their decisions. The sales team is in direct contact with the target market. It’s almost a perfect marriage to come together and compare notes on what is working and what isn’t. The sales team can certainly learn about trends from the marketing department and vice versa. Imagine the powerful marketing that would come out of that meeting! The result leads to an easier acquisition of sales and growth.

Better Implementation at the Right Time

Some marketing teams know when is the best time to roll out holiday promotions and advertising. The sales department can help with the rest of the year! They know firsthand when it is a good time to roll out a new product line or to alter the marketing scheme simple based on their daily interactions with consumers. If the marketing team listens closely, they can improve their success greatly! It also makes the job of the salesperson easier, still promoting growth with minimal effort when working together.

Analyze Together

Working together means you need to analyze outcomes together. When both teams are working hard for the same goal, it is a morale boost to see how effective that work was during a specific time or promotion. The more effective it is, the more likely you want to build stronger bonds, and the more you can generate growth and income. When things don’t work, you can study it together and learn how to make it work or areas in which you can improve upon.

Creating Powerful Content

With a sales and marketing collaboration, marketing can benefit the sales team input on the content. Everything from design to the message is important to make the lasting impression you desire. The sales team can use what they have learned through their connections what the target market is thinking most about that leads to a personal connection through marketing. It turns into a situation in which the sales rep has the content s/he needs, and the marketing team sees the bigger picture with more clarity on how to drive leads and traffic.

Fine Tune the Proposals

The sales team typically works at the proposals and this is where the marketing department can assist them to streamline and create branded proposals. With a branded proposal, the marketing team can create templates that are eye-catching and informative all at once with the sales rep being able to edit information as necessary. It saves everyone time and effort while still using the marketing skills to drive leads and sales.

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