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Posted by Mike Dwyer on November 25, 2008

The Human Resource Management Association of Chicago teamed up with Deloitte to host the Young HR Leaders Summit last Thursday

I was lucky enough to speak on a panel with Mike Gamson, VP, Corporate Solutions LinkedIn, Zachary Nold, Sr. Executive Recruiter Human Resources International, and Susan Alexander, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Lead at Deloitte. The panel discussion provided tools and insights to HR professionals on advanced social media use.

Deloitte has long been an advocate of online communication and internal growth through corporate immersion. Susan Alexander provided some insight into Deloitte’s process for finding great candidates for its consultant group. Finding the right candidate is a lot like being a sales person looking for new business.  You must educate yourself and learn about the “client’s” industry and competition.  Social Media facilitates this learning process by allowing users to access invaluable informational and networking resources, as well as highlight the user’s knowledge and visibility in the marketplace.

Deloitte’s embrace of social media is exemplified with its recent development of an internal community called “D Street”

Mike Gamson who is in senior management at LinkedIn echoed the HRMA panel’s emphasis on personal branding. More specifically, Mike highlighted the need to keep networks growing by adding value in online communities. In other words, be sure to keep your network of business connections growing.  While it’s easy to connect to people, the work does not end there.

  • You must cultivate and grow those relationships by developing interest in your site.
  • Submit articles to your LinkedIn contacts where appropriate.
  • Target specific groups within LinkedIn and interact and answer and ask questions.

As you interact with your community, you will build awareness of your personal brand. We as marketers are continuing to learn how to expand our network of peers to maximize our communal knowledge bank. Let’s keep in mind that, in the ever-changing atmosphere of Corporate America 2.0, our marketing opportunities do not stop when we log off.  A couple of things to remember:

  • Attend trade and association events within your specific marketing discipline;
  • Blog about your expertise within an organization and industry; and
  • Grow your online network of peers and keep in mind the value of adding meaningful content.

Consistency and content are the keys to networking and are essential to build a strong, well-developed web.  Further, there are many FREE resources at your disposal to aid you in this effort.

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