Top Marketing Tools for the Summer

Posted by Paladin on August 02, 2017

Summer is a great time to review your marketing tools and look for what works and what doesn’t. More than likely, you have a tool or two that you need to replace with something more functional. With a growing number of marketing tools constantly being released, finding good ones can be a headache. We have curated a list of top marketing tools for you to add to your toolkit for greater marketing success.


If you are finding yourself spending a lot of time cross-posting between all of your social media outlets, it’s time for you to discover the joys of automation. If This Then That is a user-friendly platform that streamlines social sharing. Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, and Fitbit are just a few platforms you can link together.


Collaborating with your team is essential to staying on top of your marketing. There are plenty of options for collaboration tools. The most popular are Google Drive and Dropbox. It’s easy to add a closed circle of team members, and everyone can access files that are uploaded. Even if you are the only person handling the marketing, a collaboration tool is great to connect with other departments and allow for them to access information while you are otherwise busy. You might even be able to eliminate unnecessary meetings with the information right out there in the cloud.

Content Creation

Creating graphics, webpages, and videos can be time-consuming and frustrating. Adobe Spark offers a suite of apps that will allow you to create everything you need for eye-catching graphics and engaging videos. The best part about it? It’s a free program! Nothing is better than a free tool that saves you time.


Speaking of engaging videos, why aren’t you creating your own videos yet? There are tons of free platforms to create an online presence with videos that teach people what you want them to know. Why is video popular? People are more likely to watch a video and retain the information than when they read content. When we read content, we have a habit of skimming rather than reading each word. Vimeo and YouTube are two popular platforms that allow for quick uploads.

What are some of your favorite time-saving marketing tools? Let us know in the comments!

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