Top 5 Tips of Successful Event Planners

Posted by Paladin on April 03, 2013

Tip 1: Assess Event Goals
What’s the goal of your event? Whether it’s to review company top line items with your managing directors or reward your sales team with an incentive trip, you’ll want to assess what you wish to accomplishment by creating appropriate messaging.

Tip 2: Know Your Budget
Once you have your goals outlined, consider how much it will cost. Create a budget outlining all potential items that you need to make the event a success. This includes promotional giveaways, video production, hotel accommodations, food & beverage, audiovisual, photographers, decor, entertainment, signage, etc. Use pricing from the local area (not the year before) if this is an annual meeting or event.

Tip 3: Location and Timing
Your target audience will determine where and when you want to hold your event. Whether they are international or domestic attendees, you want to hold your event in a city that has easy in/out airport access. You also want to think about timing.  Avoid holding an event during holidays (unless it’s a holiday party) or in cities that are hosting a city-wide event during your potential dates.

Tip 4: Invitation and Registration
The invitation and registration process is one of the most important aspects of the entire planning process. You want to provide your attendees enough time to respond and secure personal arrangements, if time away from home is required. If travel is involved, five weeks prior to a conference is a good rule of thumb to ensure you are able to secure optimal pricing on flights.  Otherwise, local events only require three weeks advance notice. Make sure your registration site is easy to understand and captures any information you require to make your event a success. For example, if you are giving out t-shirts, capture attendee sizes or remember to capture special dietary requests.

Tip 5: Site Inspection
Visit your event location prior so that you can envision what your guests will experience. Walk a mile in your attendees shoes—where should you place signage to avoid confusion, do your food function spaces provide the ambiance you want, or do you need to consider additional decor to dress up a function?

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