Taglines: Are They Working for You?

Posted by Paladin on May 04, 2017

Some companies have such strong taglines that they can speak for themselves. Everyone knows where the “Happiest Place on Earth” is located. How do you come up with a tagline that tells a story and fits your brand’s identity? This is a real challenge for marketing professionals. Oftentimes, it is necessary to reverse engineer a tagline. There are four simple questions that may aid in creating successful taglines.

What is the company’s culture, and do you have a mission statement?

If so, the tagline should compliment them. Take time to be sure that a tagline does not contradict your mission statement or other important parts of your company identity. This will help to prevent consumer confusion in the future.

Will the tagline cover everything you do, or just a featured product line?

Goldfish crackers has its own tagline, “The snack that smiles back.” Pepperidge Farm makes many other products, but it made sense for them to create a tagline specific to Goldfish. If your company has a star product and all other merchandise points to it, it may make sense to go that route. If you want to make customers think of your brand and all of its products as a whole, you’ll want to think bigger and broader. “Just Do It” isn’t specifically about sneakers, but is rather a mindset that has become synonymous with Nike as a whole.

Does the tagline relate to employees of the company?

Consider having a tagline that not only deals with the product(s) of the company, but also how the employees contribute to society. The key is to connect to the company’s larger strategy and goals. If you have a service-based brand, this question will be more of a focus because your employees are often a large part of the consumer connection. Exxon Mobil’s “Enabling Progress” resonates on two levels. It connects Exxon’s hardworking employees to the company’s core value of improving the world.

How does the tagline relate to your customers?

Being able to inspire and make a consumer feel better is a winning strategy when creating a tagline. L’Oréal encourages people to treat themselves to their beauty line with the message, “Because You’re Worth It.” Making it all about the customer and how they will feel works especially well for luxury brands.

Apple’s “Think Different” is an example of a tagline that answers more than one of these questions. It alludes to the company’s culture and modern workspace. Customers look to Apple for their different technology products. Apple employees are also encouraged to think differently when they work and design new products.

While it may seem like a tedious task, finding the right tagline for your company and brand is a worthwhile investment. The time and energy put into crafting a great tagline will make you more memorable to customers in the end.

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