Social Marketing Strategies for Franchisees

Posted by Paladin on November 29, 2017

Social marketing strategies are often similar across many fields. Franchisees face slightly different struggles with their strategies and have to come up with some new methods. While their national corporation may pour vast sums of money into a campaign, it does not mean that the local franchisee will benefit. Plus, franchisees often must still overcome the stereotype of being a front for a distant, uncaring corporation. Here are some ways to help erase that stigma, differentiate your franchise and make you stand out a little bit brighter in your community.

Have Your Own Mission Statement

Every franchise has a mission statement that the corporation has set forth and to which franchisees must adhere. That doesn’t mean that you as an individual franchisee can’t create a custom mission statement. It should align with the parent corporation, rather than contradict. Think of it as your personal map for how you want your business to flourish. Perhaps you want to be known as the place for locals to feel at home. Maybe you want to give back to your community in some way. Regardless of how you want your business to stand out and what niche you want to inhabit, map it out with a mission statement.

Connect with Your Community on A Personal Level

If you want to stand out and encourage more business, get to know your neighbors. Get involved at local community events, fairs and even carnivals. Having a local presence allows you to get to know your neighbors and they will remember you more. Of course, all of your information, business cards and table/tent setup should coincide with your franchise agreement, but you can still stand out by being present to introduce yourself to the community.

Support Local Groups

Imagine what would happen if you sponsored a local little league baseball team or if you donated time and energy to a local fundraiser for a homeless shelter. How about raising funds for a charity run? People remember all of that! Not only will they want to come to you for business, they will also think highly of your franchise. Franchisees do very well when they are supporting their community as well as the corporation. Corporations want to know that you are doing the best you can to make the sales and your community wants to be loved and supported.

Get in On Social Media

You can still use social media as a franchisee. You must indicate which store you are so that you can connect with your locals and get to know them better. Yes, a face in the crowd is a great way to connect but more of our communities are on social media and use it to find out about everything from sales to special events. It’s practically unavoidable. You can automate posts to go live when you want, and you can share everything that is taking place in your store. Monitor your social media presence closely. Respond promptly to all followers, and be sure to address and resolve any negative reviews in a professional manner.

Always Follow the Agreement

No matter how you choose to make your franchise stand out, always make sure that you are following the agreement with the national corporation to which you subscribed. Most franchises require certain attire, promotional items and advertising to be used. What really will make you stand out is you and your presence both online and in person.
By implementing these strategies, you can prove that franchises are not homogenized and stale but integral community partners and local enterprises worthy of support.
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