Nearing the most anticipated advertising day of the year!

Posted by Paladin on February 01, 2011

As the biggest sporting event of the year is upon us in just a few days, all I’m thinking about are… the commercials! Personally, I have no interest in the football game. None whatsoever. Yet, I spend every year watching it – just so I won’t miss those much anticipated commercials. Companies spend millions of dollars for this coveted air time. This year it will cost an estimated $3 million for a 30-second slot. With prices like that and hundreds of millions of people watching, companies spend countless amounts of time, energy, and resources to create their ads to ensure they are memorable and entertaining.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Snickers® – 2010
Betty White came back into popularity almost overnight last year. And people love her! So why wouldn’t they love her in an ad? In this hilarious Snickers commercial, Betty gets tackled during a game of football with the guys and turns into a young man who scores after eating a Snickers bar.

CBS – 2010
It was quite a surprise for viewers to see David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay Leno sitting together at a house party watching the game. What more could you ask for?

Bud Light® – 2006
A man hides his Bud Light from his guests by creating a revolving wall with a hidden fridge. Little does he know, the fridge spins into the apartment next door. One of my favorites!

Reebok® – 2003
Reebok debut a series of ads featuring “office linebacker” Terry Tate who tackles his officemates who don’t obey office etiquette. With hilarious lines like “You kill the joe, you make some mo,” it became one of the most talked about ads.

Doritos® – 1998
Ali Landry, a former Miss USA, was featured in this commercial. All she really did was walk through the room eating a bag of Doritos but it sure got every guy’s attention! It was so popular that the company had her star in other ads too.

Budweiser® – 1995
Sometimes all you really need are a few animated frogs croaking “Bud…weis..errr.” Somehow, it stuck and the frogs came back in several spinoff ads.

I can’t wait to see what new ads this year will bring. Best Buy® is expected to announce some exciting news – wonder what that will be! CareerBuilder® is returning with their hilarious chimpanzees. The E-trade® baby is rumored to return again. GoDaddy® will be featuring a surprise celebrity. Snickers® will be continuing the same campaign as last year but with Roseanne Barr. And Doritos® is continuing its popular ad contest. And that’s just a small selection of what’s expected for this Sunday!

Which ads will be a hit? Let us know what you think! After you watch the commercials on February 6, visit on Monday morning and vote for your favorite!

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