Mobile Marketing Is Mobilizing My Heartstrings

Posted by Justyn Makarewycz on December 03, 2008

Sure, it has been around for what seems like forever (or at least since the first season of Project Runway, which seems like forever) but I never thought I’d say it:  I love what’s happening with mobile marketing.  I have resisted texting in my vote for favorite contestant on every Bravo show (they’re all my favorite), and even held my fingers back from seeing if my husband and I are compatible love mates if I text LOVE to 62253 (I don’t need to spend $1.99 to find out we’re obviously not compatible).

The great things I’m seeing ahead are blowing my mind – and I would have never guessed this was the future of mobile marketing back when my dad’s cell phone battery pack weighed 25 pounds and the only place it could fit was underneath the car seat.

At Mary J Blige’s Radio City Hall concert this year (yes, she was amazing), attendees could donate to her Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now all through a text that would bill cell-phone accounts.


While waiting for the curtain to rise at the new Broadway show, 13, I texted my raffle submission to win a back-stage tour and cast introduction.  Right after the show’s last number, I got a text that I didn’t win, but did get a discount coupon from the concession stand!


And a company called Socialight has developed a platform that is like the three-way brainchild of TomTom, Facebook and Zagat.  Merging GPS with social-network and venue-review platforms, anyone can map where they are (restaurants, cafes, hot dog stands, park benches), leave comments about the place, and search, read comments and even connect with people who have visited locales anywhere.


Will my cell-phone carrier become my new credit lender?  Will I become a bigger philanthropist through my LG?  Will I just have to text the cash register at Banana Republic with my Friends-and-family discount coupon?  Will I be able to find like-minded people who love Veselka’s chili just as much as I do?

Most of all, how do I break the news to my Dell Inspiron 1100 that I’m in love?

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