Linking as it Relates to Website Success

Posted by Paladin on October 08, 2008

Website status online is largely determined by two major factors: content and links. It is vital to understand how these factors effect online success in order to maximize their strength.

All website owners and organizations aspire to have their site on the first SERP or Search Engine Results Page. In order to achieve this status, an online marketer must pay close attention to both factors mentioned above. When a web searcher types in a query or keyword into the search box, they expect to find websites that match their intended interests. The online marketer’s role is to ensure that websites contain the content that the searcher is expecting in addition to presenting the site as a reliable and authoritative source.

Authority is where the links come into play. In short, the more websites that link into a site, the more reliable it appears. Appearance is everything to a search engine like Google or Yahoo. They take the number of links into consideration when calculating your placement on the results page. Therefore it is clearly a combination of excellent content and strong linkages that make your site “appear” valuable to the search engine, and in turn attract the searcher.

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