Facebook Video: Uploaded vs. Live

Posted by Paladin on March 03, 2017

Video, video, video. It seems to be what everyone is talking about in marketing and public relations. What’s the difference between live streaming on Facebook and just uploading a video? Is there an exposure difference? What is the viewing difference? Do viewers engage with the content differently? There are certainly things that set these mediums apart. Let’s dive in.

Uploaded Video

When you upload a video to your page on Facebook, it’s there for whomever happens to be looking at your page. These are stationary, pre-created videos that are filmed and edited. This allows you to have total control over the video and its message, from story board to completion. You can plan for this content to easily fit into your marketing or PR plan. This is also a great way to reuse videos that you may already have and to breathe fresh life into them.

Uploaded videos can be viewed on a variety of platforms and are not exclusive to Facebook in any way. However, it has been shown that if you upload videos directly to Facebook, versus sharing a YouTube link, they will be shown to more of your page followers and have a better chance of going viral. Followers can then view them at their leisure, comment, and share with their friends and followers.

Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live is a different animal. When you’re ready to go live, Facebook notifies all of your followers and subscribers, if they’ve chosen to receive notifications from your page. Facebook Live is the only aspect of the platform will immediately notify followers that you’re active. Your viewers can even share that you are live with their friends, inviting them to watch, as well. It is a more intimate and responsive experience for your viewers. They can ask questions in real time while you are filming and you can respond on camera. You can even tailor what you’re doing to what your audience wants.

However, even if you’re adjusting your delivery based on viewer engagement, you still need to maintain your objective. Despite this is being a live, seemingly-off-the-cuff film experience, to strategically utilize Facebook Live, you need to ensure that you have a message, a call to action, and an overall plan.

As with uploaded videos, Facebook Live broadcasts will appear on your page. Replay viewers will see comments pop up where they were originally made as they watch and can add their own, which is a level of interaction that you just can’t get with posting a traditional video. You definitely get some legacy out of Facebook Live, as with standard video, but it is a completely different experience for the viewer. Not only does a live video create notifications that a standard video upload won’t, but you also are creating a space to actually engage with your followers.

Due to its popularity, live video is here to stay. The question is: is this going to be a tool in your PR arsenal for your clients? What do you need to do to make it relevant to your clients and their audience? With a little planning, this can be a huge boost for any business!

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