Enhancing Your LinkedIn Strategy

Posted by Paladin on November 09, 2017

While Facebook is the king of social media, LinkedIn is making headway for marketing. LinkedIn has often been viewed as a way to connect with other likeminded businesspeople, a way to find new employees or to find a new job. But now, marketers are looking at this network in a new way, creating a LinkedIn strategy for B2B sales.

Targeted Content

Since LinkedIn users tend to connect with people in their same field, this gives you a higher chance of hitting your targets and getting more attention from the right people. Creating content for those targets means it’s more likely to be shared and can increase your connections after publication. Facebook and Twitter tend to be more beneficial for consumer-based companies that want to reach as many eyes as possible. B2B needs that tighter hold on their targets, and your LinkedIn strategy should reflect that.

Share Your Story

Your company’s profile page should not read like a resume. You can include your successes by sharing your story. How did you decide to start this business? What are your goals? What goals have you already achieved? By updating your story as you go along, people will be more engaged in watching it unfold before their very eyes. It’s useful content that can help you land the right leads at the right time.

Watch Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors is not a bad thing. You can watch how they are sharing content and working lead generation. It helps you spot market trends in near real-time. At times it won’t hurt to mimic your competition either. Not only can you learn from your competitors, you can also discover new ways to share and connect. Trust us when we say that your competitors are watching, and don’t be surprised if they start mimicking you, on occasion!

Utilize LinkedIn Pulse

Your LinkedIn strategy for B2B must include LinkedIn Pulse articles. It gives freedom to create and track activity as well as be indexed by Google automatically. While each B2B still needs its own website, creating content on LinkedIn tends to be a bit more successful since it reaches your target market much quicker and is indexed higher on Google. Pro-tip shorter posts tend to generate more interest than longer posts. This may be due to getting to the grit of information and reaching the appropriate targets much sooner.

Create Your Own Group

To get the most interest in your business and set yourself as an authoritative voice in your field, create a group! You can connect well with others in your field, share what you want them to know, answer questions, and gain real solid leads with a group. It feels more personal than an ad or a sharing of content. You are still sharing information, but it feels more like a conversation rather than drawing folks in.

As you build your presence on LinkedIn, it’s easy to see your network grow and lead generation improve. LinkedIn may be a quieter social media platform but it’s the right one for the B2B marketers. As more B2B marketers target LinkedIn, you will see significant growth in your strategies and the platform itself will continue to transform the world of business.

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