Cell Phone Courtesy at Work

Posted by Paladin on July 12, 2017

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. When it comes to the workplace, most offices have set rules in place with regard to cell phone usage. However, lots of folks bend the rules or are not fully aware of proper etiquette. It’s time to take a moment to consider how our cell phone usage can affect the office environment and how to be more courteous.

Lower your voice.

Plenty of offices don’t mind if you need to take a personal call on your cell phone when related to doctor’s appointments or to the care of your children or dependents. Usually, it’s frowned upon to have a friend call and randomly chat with you. When using your cell phone for personal business, it’s best to make sure that others cannot hear your voice. We often speak louder on our phones, and it’s best to be sure others can’t hear our conversations. If you are in close quarters or work in an open office environment, try to remove yourself from that space and find a private area to take the call.

Don’t take your cell phone to meetings.

There are very few reasons to have your cell phone in a meeting. If you are using it to conference call someone in, that’s acceptable. If you have a family emergency and may need to answer a related call, let the leader of the meeting know ahead of time and put your phone on vibrate. Otherwise, leave it at your desk. Too many people spend their meetings checking email and social media, rather than paying attention. In addition to missing important information, it’s a blatant sign of disrespect. It’s also a clear indication that you are not willing to engage in important matters to the company, which can put your career in jeopardy.

Stay off of social media.

In marketing, using social media often falls into job duties. However, if your job is to manage business accounts, you need to stay off of your personal ones. You can’t properly manage the social media presence of the brands your responsible for if you’re immersed in your personal life. Also, you don’t want to risk potentially posting something personal to one of the company accounts by accident – talk about a PR crisis.

Cell phones have permeated our lives in such a way that we often forget what it’s like to not have them constantly available to us. It’s important that we remember how to be polite with our usage, both in and out of the office, so that we get the most out of your day.

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