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Posted by Paladin on December 06, 2016

Hear what a top marketing director thinks about her role.

There are titles, job descriptions and general thoughts about what certain marketing pros do. But do we really know what they do? What motivates them? How do they feel they’re impacting the business?

Our Career Conversations videos are designed to affirm what we believe, shed some light on things we might not know and get answers to some important questions. They’re candid conversations that provide you with a fresh perspective.

We set the bar high with our first interviewee—Hilary Jarman, Marketing Director at Adecco Group North America, Paladin’s parent company. Hilary’s rise up the ranks has been fast and furious. As marketing director, she works on a variety of campaigns and directs a team of managers, specialists and coordinators. She’s also very open about her background, role, motivations and impacts on the business.

Check out what Hilary has to say. By getting to know her, you might also get to know your own marketing directors better!

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