Career Conversations: Coding with Redman

Posted by Paladin on January 19, 2017

See what a passionate coder thinks about his role.

There are titles, job descriptions and general thoughts about what certain marketing pros do. But do we really know what they do? What motivates them? How they feel they’re impacting the business?

Go ahead. Get a better understanding of a coder’s mindset. Josh is certainly a great representative of them all.

Our Career Conversations videos are designed to affirm what we believe, shed some light on things we might not know and get answers to some important questions. They’re candid conversations that provide you with a fresh perspective.

Last time, we interviewed Hilary Jarman, a marketing director—and fearless leader—at Adecco Group North America, Paladin’s parent company. This time, we interviewed Josh Redman, a star coder and digital producer. When it comes to passion and inventiveness, no one exceeds Josh. And that’s a big reason why, as he says in the video, he enjoys making the impossible, possible.

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