A Big Week for Gay and Lesbian Marketing

Posted by Justyn Makarewycz on April 08, 2009

This past week has seen a rainbow of activity surrounding the gay and lesbian community that is sure to translate into real spending and more attention to the gay consumer.

Over the last six days, legislators and judges of the great states of Iowa and Vermont acknowledged that gay couples have the right to the legal protections and state benefits offered their heterosexual counterparts through marriage.  That’s two more states to add to the slowly growing roster of change in this country.  Moving the equality issue aside, broadening the market of couples allowed to wed will spell more dollars for the economies of these two states.  Just last summer, in the wake of California’s Supreme Court ruling extending marriage rights to same-sex couples in that state, a UCLA study forecast that same-sex couples could generate almost $700 million of additional income for California’s wedding industry and government budget.  Though Iowa and Vermont should probably not expect numbers that high, it should not be a shock when same-sex marriage boosts their balance sheets.

And today, with the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots coming this June (celebrated as day-one of the modern gay-rights movement), New York City announced its $2 million, global ad campaign aimed at wooing the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community and gay dollars/euro/yen/francs/pesos/pounds to New York to celebrate.  With the theme of the “Rainbow Pilgrimage,” the campaign features some terrific Oz-like creative that will run across all media (online, OOH, TV) in markets including the US, Spain and the UK, as well as partnering with tourist-services providers to offer discounts and special packages that are sure to help the Big Apple’s budget-deficit bushel this summer.

That’s a whole lot for one week.

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