6 Mobile Photo Editing Apps & What to do With Them

Posted by Paladin on June 16, 2017

Public relations work often means being on location for special events that your company is involved with. You already know that video and event photos and behind the scenes pictures are very powerful. But in today’s on-demand world, you can’t spend days on photo editing. On the other hand, social media is all about visuals, so you don’t want to just dump all of your raw images on Instagram and Facebook. Have no fear! Here are six apps that you can use on the go from your mobile device.

Top Photo Editing Apps

Which photo editing app should you choose? Which app is the best? We can’t tell you which app or apps will be best for you, but we can tell you that it’s best to try them all and determine for yourself which has the look and feel that you prefer.

Key features for each:

Cropping images. What is it you want the eye to focus on? Trim your photos to leave out unwanted background imagery and play up the subject of the photo.

Brightening. Are some of your photos a little dark because of poor lighting or bad camera settings? You can brighten things up with an app. Don’t over brighten, or you will wash all the color out. Need a little more contrast? Darken the picture a little bit to bring out the dimension.

Adjusting the white balance. Did you know that pictures with a blue hue tend to do better on Instagram? If your photos are too “warm,” move that slider to “cool.”

Getting a little perspective. Photo editing apps make it easy to tilt or otherwise skew images to add depth and change perspective. This feature should be used sparingly unless your brand is already associated with this type of image.

Adding some words. Use fonts that are appropriate for the brand, the context, and the mood you are attempting to convey. Don’t use “cute” or “fun” fonts for solemn events. Ensure the fonts you use are legible, too, which needs to factor in size, color, and style.

It isn’t hard to post pictures on the go, but it can take a little practice if you’re not used to doing your photo editing on a mobile device. Grab an app or three and give them a try so you’ll be comfortable using them for business! Are you a photo editing whiz looking for a new creative gig? Check out our jobs.

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