5 Great Resources for Digital Marketing

Posted by bladm on February 26, 2014

You’re a marketer – specifically a digital marketer – which means in this world of ever-changing social media, strategies and online trends, it’s important to read every single day.

Facebook is changing its layout again?
What do you mean there’s a new Google ranking algorithm?
What’s this I hear about new anti-spam laws in Canada?

Don’t be caught off-guard at your next meeting with colleagues. Instead, stay sharp and ahead of the curve by bookmarking or subscribing to these top 5 noteworthy sites for marketing:


Oh, the Great & Powerful Moz! The Moz (formerly SEO Moz) is a great educational resource for marketers in regards to Search Engine Optimization and has over time expanded into additional digital marketing efforts and strategies. The Moz Blog provides excellent insights from SEO to social media to content creation and more. If you haven’t subscribed to the Moz Blog yet, stop what you’re doing & subscribe. You can thank me later.


The people over at HubSpot are smart cookies. They’re committed to revamping marketing from traditional efforts to inbound marketing, and have quality articles on their blog that discuss strategies to assist with exactly that. Check out the HubSpot blog here.

Marketing Land

Honestly, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Marketing Land is a site for all things marketing all the time. The major benefit to Marketing Land is the breakout of their categories. Social, search, display, analytics etc… all broken out and easy to locate. If marketing strategy is your game, Marketing Land offers excellent thought leadership and fresh ideas to help you win.

Social Media Examiner

Dubbed the largest online social media magazine in the world, Social Media Examiner is a great resource for (you guessed it) all things social. The SME team frequently hosts and participates in podcasts, events, and workshops to educate fellow marketers about the changes and strategies in social media management. The team even has a mega-conference – Social Media Marketing World – each year. For 2014, there are 2,000 marketers heading to San Diego to collaborate and learn about social media marketing ideas.


Another blog with a lot of excellent digital insight, Econsultancy’s blog has a sleek, easy-to-read design that I personally enjoy. Their tagline, “Achieve Digital Excellence” is exactly what this article is talking about, which is why I find it to be an appropriate addition to our top 5 list. This blog includes some really excellent examples of successful brand campaigns and shared strategies, so it’s worth a coveted place in your blog reader.

Bonus: The Paladin Blog

You didn’t think we would go without mentioning our own blog, did you? Paladin is regularly blogging about some great resources, tips, and strategies for marketers, so don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for ongoing insight on jobs and strategies to help further your career in marketing. You can even view our list of available marketing jobs here.

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