June 2014 Jobs Report: U.S. Added 217,000 Jobs in May

Posted by bladm on June 11, 2014

In June’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report, it was revealed that the U.S. added 217,000 non-farming jobs to the economy in May. Though slightly lackluster compared to the previous month’s boom, some are not shaken. Instead, some economists are noting that May’s report was only as successful as it was because employers were making up for lost time with severe weather negatively affecting the first quarter.

217,000 Jobs Added in May 2014

Unemployment rate remains stagnant for May

The unemployment rate remains at a low 6.3 percent, which still remains the lowest the national unemployment numbers have been since the fourth quarter of 2008.

May adds 217,000 jobs

BLS Revisions: May 2014

Within the June 2014 BLS Report, there was only one small revision to the previously reported job numbers. In May, the BLS originally reported the addition of 288,000 jobs; however, that number was corrected and noted in June’s report as 282,000.

Temporary Employment Continues to Climb

The Professional & Business Services sector was flat this month at only 55,000 new jobs, though the sector is still on par with its average month-over-month gains. Computer Systems Design & Related Services saw the addition of 7,000 jobs, as did the Management and Technical Consulting sector.

Temporary Help Services continues to shine with the addition of 14,000 jobs in May. According to the BLS, the Temporary Help Services sub-sector has added 224,000 jobs over the last year, making this one of the strongest sub-sectors in the U.S. economy.

How do you feel about June’s addition of 217,000 jobs?

Will the job reports remain lackluster throughout 2014? Do you think summer will bring higher temperatures and higher job numbers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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