Why I Love Being a Creative & Marketing Recruiter

Posted by Melissa Miller, Account Manager at Paladin Staffing on March 16, 2016

Have you ever met anyone who intentionally set out with the staffing industry as their career path?

In the recruiting world, we like to swap stories of how we got here. Ask most anyone and you’ll hear the same, “I just fell into it” or “it found me.” My story is no different. I tumbled into this industry haphazardly, through a friend, with absolutely no idea that I would find my life’s passion in my current role.

During the depths of the recession, I landed an interview for an Office Coordinator job in a fancy building in downtown Seattle. By fancy, I mean suited piano player in the lobby, fancy. A Montana native, my “interview outfit” was, well, entirely from an off-price retailer. Feeling like I didn’t stand a chance, I almost bolted at the elevator banks, leaving Billy Joel and the corporate world behind me.

However, I summoned my courage and rode that elevator to my future. Sitting with her tiny heels propped upon the conference room table in a room higher than any building I had ever been in, I met my friend, mentor, and my soon to be manager. Unwittingly, I sat across from the woman that would help to shape my future and make me the person I am today.

Having a deputy to blaze the trails would have made a world of difference for me.

In each new candidate conversation that I have, I ask about the individual’s experience in partnering with a recruiter in their job search. Coming to Seattle by way of Montana, I had no idea that the staffing industry even existed. The concept of a business built around supporting candidates and companies in their hiring needs was completely foreign. Looking back now, I wish that I would’ve had the help of a recruiter in my job search. I spent my days cooped up in the dreary Seattle winter, applying blindly and hearing nothing, never knowing if they even received my application. I invested hours in researching companies and positions, but also resume tips/tricks/formats, etc. Finding that every article contradicted the next, I performed A/B testing with each application. It’s the Wild West in today’s job market and having a deputy to blaze the trails would have made a world of difference for me.

Starting at the ground floor of our company, I supported our office of specialty recruiting divisions and learned all the aspects of the business. The dedication of my colleagues inspired me to raise my hand as the decision came through to start Paladin, our creative and marketing division. Through the support of my peers and leadership team, we achieved our goal of being one of the fastest growing branches in Paladin nationally.

Building a business is no easy task, but at the end of each day I wholeheartedly love my job.

I spend my time speaking to and working with the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Professionals who, in talking through their career goals, have unknowingly educated, mentored, and changed the way I think about the world. Through the candidates I meet and the companies I staff for, I am constantly learning and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Paladin_colleagues_team spirit

Game days bring out the team spirit at work!


Our colleagues (and their pets) are like family.

Although I never set out to be in staffing, this path has profoundly impacted who I am.

Nothing in our history has ever been created and sustained without passion and I am fiercely proud of the success ours has created. Through hard work and dedication to our local professional community, we’ve built the foundation for something amazing. As we grow, I look forward to expanding my team with people that share this passion in building something greater than ourselves.

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