In-Demand Marketing Skills in 2019

Posted by Paladin on February 14, 2019

According to the American Marketing Association, the 2019 marketing jobs outlook is “bright.” A survey of American CMOs found that employers are expected to hire 6.4% more marketers this year. Between having the right data, technology, operating model, aligned stakeholders, and talent, talent was named the most important consideration for CMOs in the year to come. Nearly 35% of survey respondents believe that strong talent will be responsible for driving their future growth.

This mindset bodes well for marketers — but as we all know, competition for marketing jobs can be tough. Whether you’re seeking a new marketing industry job or are simply trying to increase your value in the eyes of your existing employer, brushing up on these five skills will get you far.

Content Marketing

Blog posts. White papers. Infographics. Sponsored content. Content marketing may take many different forms. But understanding this specialized form of marketing will better prepare you for your next job.

The Content Marketing Institute reports that close to 60% percent of B2C marketers expect to spend more on content marketing in 2019, and 74% believe their content marketing efforts are more successful now than a year ago.

To hit the ground running in your next marketing job, make sure you’re well versed in sponsored content, social media, and influencer marketing. While also knowing how to create credible and trustworthy content. This is the type of knowledge employers will be looking for in job candidates this year.


It may seem old fashioned, but good communication skills are still important when it comes to finding a new marketing job. Knowing how to relate to your peers, superiors, and customers, and possessing the ability to speak and write in a powerful and compelling fashion, is crucial in a field where making a connection is the key to making a sale.

Practice listening and distilling what you hear into critical insights. Develop marketing personas to help you understand your audience. Sign up for writing workshops and webinars on a regular basis. Read up on marketing campaigns that really hit the mark. All of these will ensure you’re poised and ready to communicate effectively on behalf of both yourself and your brand.

Data Analytics

With more customer data at their disposal than ever before — not just through online shopping activity but also social media — companies are keen to hire marketers who know how to maximize this information.

Even if you aren’t a data analyst, bringing skills like critical thinking and data visualization (not to mention presentation) to the table can strengthen your value proposition. If you have the time, familiarizing yourself with tools like Microsoft Excel and database languages like SQL (Structured Query Language) can help as well.


Like communication, teamwork is a tried and true skill that’s as important to marketing success as ever. Being able to collaborate with your peers is something that benefits everyone. But when you’re working in marketing — where deadlines are tight, expectations are high, and you face tough competition in a cluttered landscape — knowing how to work together to achieve a common goal is absolutely essential.

Look for opportunities to participate in team building and problem solving opportunities that enable you to manage collaborative projects more efficiently. Stay organized. Keep lines of communication open. Resist the urge to make snap judgements. Overall, remember that you’re working for the good of the company, not just to pad your resume. Once you have a reputation for being a great team player you’ll find that employers are eager to add you to their marketing department.


Knowing how to tell an engaging story using video is another vital skill for marketers. Regardless of the industry in which they work. Consumer demand for digital video is on the rise, and YouTube isn’t the only platform in town for watching branded content.

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is a great place to post videos or paid content born of a partnership with social influencers. Last summer, Instagram launched vertical video app IGTV to bring users “closer to the people and things” they love. Facebook is proving to be popular for video viewing as well. Engadget reports that almost 2 billion people have watched Facebook’s live videos since it launched two years ago.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to understand the value of video, know how to craft powerful video content across platforms, and convey a memorable marketing message. Channels may come and go, but digital video is here to stay.

When you feel you’re at your best and are prepared to take the next step toward a new job in marketing, be sure to contact your local Paladin office.

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