Stay Ahead of Industry Trends with 2016’s Top 5 Marketing Conferences

Posted by Paladin on January 04, 2016

With a new year comes the opportunity to become an even better you… and part of that is continuing to grow as a professional. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what area of marketing you focus on; there are numerous great conferences taking place around the United States during 2016 where you can go to learn from some of the best in the business and meet and learn from colleagues from all over the world. We’re going to break a few down for you here and give you a few tips on how to get your boss to send you!


&THEN.LA is a great conference focusing on general marketing. It happens later this year on October 16-18 in (you guessed it!) Los Angeles, so there’s plenty of time to get it into your schedule. Last year’s event featured marketing executives and leaders from companies like IBM, TOMS, MediaMath, Saatchi & Saatchi, Scale, and others. It covers a wide array of topics and is sure to be chock-full of useful and timely information.


If your particular focus is digital marketing, you probably don’t want to miss MOZCON. It happens this September 12-14 in Seattle. It’s three days of sessions focusing on SEO, social media, CRO, analytics… you know, all the stuff that digital markers eat, sleep, and breathe.

PRNews Digital PR & Marketing Conference

Okay, so this one lacks a cool name, but if public relations is your jam, this conference won’t disappoint, especially since it’s at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami on June 6-8. The purpose of the conference is to provide practical knowledge with which to help brand visibility and, particularly, social media reach.

Awwwards NYC

If your job calls for UX and UI development, there’s a great option for you! The Awwwards NYC is a fantastic event happening June 15-17. While the details of the specific speakers and events are still pending, the sister conference being held in Amsterdam on January 27-29 is a pretty positive indicator. Presenters there will include Ubuntu’s lead designer, Twitter’s former principal designer, and the “developer evangelist” from Microsoft. The NYC event is sure to please.


If you’re wanting to delve into the latest and greatest marketing technologies, ad:tech is a great offering for you. It takes place in New York City on November 2-3. The event has over 7,000 attendees from 64 countries and over 200 exhibitors and sponsors all coming together in order to share the latest in technical innovations in the marketing industry.

Why should I go to conferences?

Conferences are a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle with professionals in your area of expertise creating opportunities to grow professionally and network. And, of course, they can be a lot of fun and great for team morale. There are myriad events put on by conference sponsors, providing opportunities to relax with your teams, discuss the events of the day, and meet other attendees.

Upon returning, it’s always a great idea to have a debriefing meeting and include those who couldn’t attend in order to share what was learned and bring value back to the organization. Going to conferences should lead to new processes and ways of thinking. It’s important to make sure to go over the takeaways as a team.

Sounds awesome, but how do I get my boss to send me?

Managers have to tow a lot of fine lines between making sure their teams complete their projects, making sure they stay on budget, making sure they plan for future growth, and making sure they develop their teams to perform ever-more-complicated work. Conferences definitely play to the latter functions of development and growth, but sometimes find themselves at odds with the former functions of project completion and budget. Managers have to feel that the benefits of staff development outweigh the costs of lost productivity during the conferences and, of course, their cost.

In the end, a better-educated team is a more efficient team and a better producing team. Convey this to your managers (and make sure they know to book early to keep costs down!). Also, make sure to have a plan in place to ensure your work is covered while you’re gone. That way, your boss can know that you’re taking initiative to keep your work moving. Finally, plan ahead to bring back actionable insights and schedule out a meeting to share those insights with your team.

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