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Posted by Mike Dwyer on November 13, 2008

I recently spoke to a great advertising and sales executive in NY. This executive had worked for multiple large advertising agencies and several start up organizations. His success was evident based upon his salary and the blue ribbon clients he had helped throughout his 15 years as a marketer.

I asked him what he had been doing in the past 3 months to find a job? He said he had been making multiple connections with recruiters in various cities and making submissions to marketing specific job boards.

I asked him how that was going? He said nothing had come of it. I asked why have you been successful as a marketing and advertising executive in your career? He said “relationships”.

Building relationships is so much more then replying to job boards, it’s connecting with people on an individual basis.This is very similar to what can be seen in the consumer marketplace.The hiring executives are consumer who are looking to “buy” based upon the opinions of other consumers.

LinkedIn is a perfect example of creating the perception of people/companies buying your brand. If you have been successful and respected in your job it’s easy to get someone to “recommend” you on LinkedIn.

Act as you would with your target market, and put yourself in the shoes of your buyers.What are they thinking?What triggers them to buy “you”?

Don’t think it’s cold or impersonal. It’s far from impersonal. In the social media blogosphere there is something called “transparency”, which is exactly what it you think it means. Folks aren’t going to recommend you unless you truly have performed well, and have been a pleasure to work with (if that’s what they said in your recommendation). While blogging you need to be transparent. If you are blogging for a company you need to be open about who you are and how you are connected with an organization. The same goes for selling your personal brand to a potential employer.

Back to the Advertising Executive. I turned the tables on him and asked what are you doing for YOUR brand? How are you selling yourself and separating yourself from the competition?

It’s interesting to see how successful marketers react to downsizing. Executives that have been incredibly successful for their clients and agencies can lose hope during a downturn.

Marketers are deadly and far smarter than the average bear within an organization. Open your books and remember your Marketing 101 classes. Research your targets and engage them where they live: online, in market and at work.

Please let me know your thoughts on how your marketing expertise has helped in your job search. What is YOUR brand?

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