How Social Media Can Help Your Job Search

Posted by Paladin on September 25, 2019

It’s common knowledge that the internet is a great resource when hunting for jobs. There are many services that host job postings and allow users to upload resumes. However, job search sites aren’t the only internet-based solution to finding work. Social media can be used in a myriad of ways to land the job you want. Workers in the marketing industry should be well acquainted with social media, but may not be aware of how to use it to look for employment. Here are our top tips for how social media can help your job search.

Utilize Relative Profiles

Your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts are not the best ways to showcase your business skills. You can, however, create separate, professional accounts to share with colleagues. The most viable platform is LinkedIn, as it acts as an online résumé. It allows you to easily display your work experience, skills, education, publications and awards. Another option is to create a portfolio site for yourself, or a professional blog. In either case, a link to your portfolio or blog should be on your LinkedIn page, and all relevant links should be listed on your résumé.

Use Your Network

Most people still land jobs through professional relationships, even those developed online. It can even help you land a job when your experience doesn’t quite match up. So, once you have a professional social media presence, use it! Seek out connections and engage with others in your field. LinkedIn offers job search groups that can help you get connected to the right people. Facebook has business groups so that you can hear about the latest open positions and freelance gigs near you. On Twitter, you can seek out specific hashtags relevant to your industry and follow relevant influencers. On either platform, don’t be afraid to connect with companies you admire so that you can engage with them about relevant topics. They are paying attention. If they already have a relationship with you, it’s easier to land an interview later.

Show Your Relevance

If you want companies to take you seriously, show off how relevant you are in the field by maintaining active profiles. Share interesting articles and information, and add your own insights in the accompanying copy. If you join a LinkedIn group, be sure to contribute to the conversation. The worst thing that you can do with your professional profiles is to let them get stale, so however many you have, be sure to post to all of them regularly.

Of course, you should still maintain your résumé and apply for jobs you want the old fashioned way. But when you use social media to develop a reputation and flaunt your skills, it will make your job search much easier.

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