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Posted by Paladin on August 16, 2017

Online portfolios have been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, not everyone is taking advantage of the opportunity online portfolios offer.

For the best stand-up comics, releasing a special on vinyl is the true sign of “making it.” However, those same stand-ups know that career survival depends on having their specials streaming online.

A parallel can be made with creatives and their resumes. Having your resume professionally printed on 100% cotton paper is a mark of accomplishment. Yet it is not enough to attract most employers. That requires an online portfolio.

Whether you are a self-employed contractor or working for a company, having an online portfolio is crucial for your career success.

Your online presence tells a story. Write it well.

Most hiring managers and recruiters look online for your presence, or people in your field, and having that up-to-date online portfolio can be the one thing that changes everything for your career. Having a strong online portfolio will help you, rather than hurt you, if you are using it to connect with your peers and network with companies to work with in the future. LinkedIn isn’t enough; you want to really sell yourself and show off everything about your work.

A resume is necessary but not enough.

An online portfolio also adds value that your resume and cover letter can’t quite cover. Your cover letter should provide a link to your portfolio for potential employers to learn more. Using video, photo, samples of your work and recommendations from others allows a hiring manager to learn much more about you.

Another added benefit of an online portfolio is that you have all of your documentation right there and available to you wherever you are. Perhaps an impromptu meeting leads a hiring manager to ask about your resume, and you don’t have one on you. That’s okay, quick access to your online portfolio means you can send the pertinent information on with a few short clicks of a mouse.

Online portfolios help you hone your professional story.

An online portfolio isn’t just for future contracts; it’s also for you. Routinely updating your portfolio allows you to see your growth, your strengths and even your weaknesses. When we know these things, we can focus on improving our skillset while capitalizing on what makes us great.

When marketing yourself, your online portfolio is your sales pitch.

Be sure to share your online portfolio after you’ve created it. The link should be included on business cards, in your email signatures, resumes, cover letters, all your social media profiles and all of your presentations.

5 Online Portfolio Hosting Services
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Explore the UI, features and pricing options of each service to find the one most suited to your needs, technical preferences, budget and aesthetic tastes.

The design of your portfolio should reflect your style without a lot of clutter. You only have a few seconds to make an impression, so make the most of it!

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