Interview Insight: Interviewing Tips to Prepare like a Pro [Part 1]

Posted by Paladin on February 27, 2014

At Paladin, we have years of real-world experience in the creative, marketing, communications and digital fields. And we use that experience to connect top talent with great jobs at the most sought-after companies.

Every day, we engage and collaborate with some of the most brilliant professionals in the industries we serve, offering our valuable insights to help them further their careers. Some of those insights include our tips for a successful interview.

To turn your interview into an offer, here is some advice from our expert recruiters:

        1. Practice makes perfect: Anticipate the questions you’ll likely be asked and be prepared to answer them effectively.Either call in some favors from colleagues and friends, or ask your friendly Paladin recruiter to walk you through a mock interview. Don’t forget to ask for constructive feedback!
        2. Arrive early:  15 minutes early to be exact! It seems that 15 minutes is the magic number – not too early, so your interviewer doesn’t feel rushed to get to you, and not too late, so appear to be punctual.
        3. Fill out applications neatly and completely:  Refer to your resume to fill in the blanks. Remember to keep it neat! No one likes to try to decipher your hieroglyphics. This is a job application, not Ancient Egypt!
        4. Bring copies of your resume:  You interview may involve several people.  Don’t’ force them to share. As a good rule of thumb, keep 5-7 extra copies and store them in a folder to keep them neat and wrinkle-free.
        5. Be enthusiastic:  No one wants to hire the pessimistic mope. Smile often and show your interviewer you’re excited about the opportunity, but make sure you keep it genuine to avoid looking over-the-top or phony.

        7. Ask meaningful questions: Don’t just ask questions for the sake of asking questions – make them count. If you’re stumped on what to ask, there are resources with sample questions to get your brain juices flowing.
        8. Don’t talk salary: A job candidate bringing up salary during the interview is extremely frowned upon and a little bit of a red flag for the employer, so avoid mentioning it. But if your interviewer brings it up, politely respond that your recruiter will handle negotiations.
        9. Show that you’re a problem-solver: Be specific about how your skills can help the company solve its challenges and meet its business goals. A general discussion about your past job responsibilities simply won’t cut it.
        10. Be descriptive: Don’t answer “yes” or “no.” Use examples and anecdotes that paint a clear picture of where, when, how, what and why you’ve succeeded.
        11. Stress your achievements: Let your interviewer know that you have a track record of making a positive impact at every stage of your career. Emphasize accomplishments that are relevant.

    Check back next week as we offer 10 more quick tips to help you ace your interview like a true pro! Remember, if you’re looking for a placement in the creative or marketing fields, Paladin is ready and willing to help you explore your next career opportunity. To find out more, contact your local Paladin representative today.

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