How My Internship Prepared Me for the Job Market

Posted by Lindsey Dempsey on July 26, 2017

One of the biggest issues that recent college graduates face when applying for jobs is that the vast majority of openings require prior experience. That’s where an internship comes in handy. Internships work to break down the barrier of lack of work experience for those just entering the workforce. I am 7 weeks into my internship and already feel more prepared for the job market. Here’s how my internship has prepared me.


This summer, I’m a marketing intern for a Fortune 500 company, giving me a feel for working in Corporate America. By having the chance to be hands-on with projects and to work alongside actual employees, I’m gaining skills relevant to the career that I want to pursue. I’ve already learned more about marketing strategies than any classroom could teach me. It has also allowed me to explore whether marketing is the right career for me, and to see which specific type of marketing I’m the most interested in.


Every day at my internship is a networking opportunity. Every professional who I get to work with could eventually help me in the long run. Each one of them could end up being a vital connection for future job opportunities. Networking is also crucial during an internship because it allows you to gain knowledge from a variety of individuals. Every person has a different mindset, and listening to him or her gives me a new perspective. My internship has also allowed me to meet really interesting people who I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Resume Builder

The crown jewel of an internship, though, is being able to put it on your resume. Having experience gives you a leg up on your competition and increases your potential of getting a job. My internship is unique because I also got the opportunity to learn from professional recruiters about resume building. I was able to shadow a Paladin recruiter to see what they look for in resumes. Seeing the process of resume review and the limited time candidates have to make an impression further emphasized the importance of having a strong resume.

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