How Twitter chats can help you network and increase engagement

Posted by Cindy-Lee Pijoos on April 06, 2015

Often times we tend to view Twitter as a broadcasting platform rather than a tool for engagement.

One of the most beneficial ways to engage with users is by joining a Twitter chat. Twitter chats are public, moderated conversations that use a relevant hashtag for a particular topic. It is a useful strategy for generating interest and engaging with different audiences.

Joining and participating in a successful Twitter chat can introduce you to numerous potential leads. Whether you’re looking for an opinion on a subject or wondering what’s going on in the job market, Twitter chats are an easy and effective way to gather information and opinions from many users at one time.

Follow these best practices for participants:

Chats are successful when users follow the moderator’s rules.

Moderators often start chats by establishing ground rules for the discussion and setting the agenda. Moderators disclose the general format, how long the chat will last and what content to focus on. Their job is to keep track of the overall progress of the discussion and help to keep it moving. Participants can help moderators by keeping the discussion relevant, valuable and focused on the specific theme.

Do some research on the particular hashtag prior to the chat.

This will give you a better understanding of who you will be chatting with and what type of information you will be able to benefit from.

New to the chat?

Announce yourself with a short introduction at the beginning of the chat. Regular users will then have an opportunity to welcome you and the moderator may be able to suggest some useful tips for first-timers.

Be sure to keep up with the pace of the chat.

Often times, moderators will organize chats by numbered questions ( ie. Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.) It’s okay to not answer every question. Be courteous and do not jump in with an answer regarding an earlier question once the chat continues to progress. Answer the moderator’s questions in real-time, engage with others and retweet answers that you found useful.

Use Hashtags.

Add the hashtag associated with the tweet chat to the end of your tweet. Doing so will help users participating in the chat find your tweets.

Stay connected.

Don’t be afraid to connect with the chat moderator and users that you engaged with after the chat. Doing so will improve your engagement and help your audience understand your thoughts, passions, and interests.

Twitter chats are a great resource so make sure to take advantage of it, whether its leisure or business. Also, remember to always promote the chat and invite new members.

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