How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Posted by Paladin on January 12, 2009

I read an article in the January issue of Marketing News, a publication of The American Marketing Association, that spoke to the 2009 marketing job market and what employers are looking for in marketing talent. To be noticed in today’s market one must be able to tailor their personal sales pitch to the potential employer’s needs.The article’s main point was how important it is to find out what makes you stand out among the many marketing candidates currently in the market for a new job.It is important to specialize rather than generalize. If you are someone that has over 10 years experience it is imperative that you update your specialty to focus on what current employers are looking for. There are three specialties that are in demand: digital marketing, multicultural marketing and viral marketing.Along with a specialized career, a good current market marketing candidate will have digital marketing experience along with a proven track record of helping employers make money in past recessions. Many employers in today’s market want marketing candidates to have direct sales and/or sale department collaboration experience.

Employers are not necessarily cutting salaries but they are cutting travel, perks and bonuses for employees.In this market be careful about having to high of expectations. To “STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD” in the 2009 marketing job market it is suggested that you:

·Demonstrate your knowledge of digital marketing

·Show you know how to do more with less in tough times

·Position yourself as a specialist, not a generalist

·Be flexible when it comes to salary and benefits

·Stay positive. No one likes to hire negative people.

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Landing a marketing job today means touting your specialty and staying
positive. Marketing
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