Hashtags: Do you use them in your job search?

Posted by Cindy-Lee Pijoos on April 22, 2015

From Twitter to Instagram, hashtags have become extremely popular. Hashtags are an important element of marketing efforts and are one of the most essential ways of organizing information on Twitter.

Hashtags are essentially a label for content.

It helps users who are interested in a similar topic find content on the same topic. Simply add a hash (#) in front of the word or phrase that best describes your topic. Remember, if you want to use two or more words to describe your phrase, omit spaces as hashtags do not support spaces. For instance, #SocialBusiness is a popular hashtag for those who want to learn about social media and business.

Are you a job seeker?

Utilizing hashtags can help aid your job search. Job postings often include popular hashtags in their tweets so users can easily find postings. Enter popular hashtags utilized by job seekers in the Twitter search bar, and you will find an abundance of job postings. Additionally try adding a hashtag that includes your targeted city in the search. For instance, if you’re seeking a public relations job in Chicago, a good search string would be #nowhiring #PR #Chicago.

Stay organized.

Use a social management tool such as Hootsuite to organize and manage your social media accounts and set up a search filter for the hashtags that you’re interested in. Utilizing Hootsuite will save your search filter and will allow you to easily view all tweets using a given hashtag.

Below are some popular hashtags utilized by job seekers:

  • #hiring
  • #tweetmyjobs
  • #nowhiring
  • #job
  • #HR
  • #jobtips
  • #jobsearch
  • #jobhunt
  • #career

Make sure to take advantage of these tips when searching for job opportunities. Employers are using social media now more than ever to attract new talent. Knowing how to find opportunities by using popular hashtags is a good way to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Are you currently searching for new career opportunities?

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