Dressing for the Interview

Posted by Paladin on December 18, 2008

Okay, we’re a creative group of people, it comes natural to heighten our style in thought, action and fashion.So, chances are, falling into the blue suit/skirted suit category is not always a good fit.

However, you will find no argument from me when a candidate shows up dressed like they are ready to go to work.‘He’ is dressed in a sport jacket, pressed collared shirt or even a cashmere turtleneck, well tailored trousers, and perhaps even polished shoes!‘She’ is wearing an outfit that she could walk from work to dinner in, or meet a client…comfortable, solid colored jacket, with a layered shell, paired with Hollywood slacks that match the same material as the jacket.Heels and bracelet compliment the statement and present smart simplicity with strong self-image.

Less is more. Adding bohemian flair to casual outfits or business attire is a great idea, but do not show up in ripped or dirty jeans, or any wrinkled clothing at all!Stay away from an inordinate amount of jewelry, or indulging the interviewer with plunging decolletage.Perfume/cologne – a little bit goes a long way.Subdue tattoos.

The basic premise is that perception and presentation is everything.You might as well figure the manner in which you ‘package’ yourself in presentation is just as important as what you say during your interview.It helps to know in advance how formal or informal the company dress code is – ask your recruiter if they haven’t provided that information.

Appearance should enhance your presentation, not overwhelm it.

Try to be remembered for your skills and your ability to reflect that in dressing smart.

When in doubt, it is better to be [dare say] too conservative than to be too flashy.

Use the best hardware…your brain – or a web cam!



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