Infographic: Demand is rising to fill jobs in marketing, creative, digital, and interactive

Posted by Paladin on October 21, 2014

As the economy continues to improve and job creation steadily grows, demand for top marketing, creative, digital and interactive talent is rising. And while there is general growth throughout these industries, certain “hot spots” have emerged where demand is skyrocketing. Our latest infographic, based on extensive market research and data from our 2015 Salary Guide, has the details:

An infographic highlighting the top jobs in marketing, creative, digital, and interactive.

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Hiring – and keeping – your top talent

In order to attract and retain the most talented professionals in the industry, employers need to have a complete understanding of current salary figures and trends and offer jobs that pay well. At Paladin, we’ve seen the need for talented marketing, creative, digital and interactive professionals in a variety of positions and know that while cultural fit and non-monetary incentive programs matter, proper compensation and salary do as well.

In this competitive environment candidates ultimately have the upper hand. Savvy and talented professionals know what they’re worth, and employers need to meet their salary expectations in order to stay competitive in the job market. If an organization isn’t meeting the career wants, needs and aspirations of its employees, they could leave for better opportunities elsewhere.
While top paying marketing, creative, digital and interactive jobs are definitely desired, we know that candidates are also looking for non-monetary incentives like employee recognition programs, flexible work hours, a work/life balance and a positive and upbeat office environment.
What are you paying your top talent in marketing, creative, digital and interactive?
Using data from our 2015 Salary guide, we’ve put together this infographic that touts today’s most in-demand marketing, creative, digital and interactive careers in the industry along with the proper salary range for these positions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

We hope this provides you with the information and insight you need to truly measure top talent and make an offer that is more than just a number.

For more in-depth salary information, request a complimentary copy of our 2015 Salary Guide or contact us today!

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