The Top 10 Creative and Marketing Jobs in 2016

Posted by Paladin on September 16, 2015

Marketing, creative, communications and digital professionals evolve at the speed of light—as do their salaries. Because of technology, social media, shifting consumer behavior and marketing’s increased role in customer service, these professionals need to be agile, adaptable and always willing to learn. And because of those same things—along with high-demand for their skills—they can be selective with their career steps and expect to make generous salaries.

But how generous? And what are the top 10 positions in these fields? Thanks to our deep connections and proprietary data, we can answer those questions. We provide you the salary science that’s required to entice, hire and keep top creative and marketing minds at your company.

Once you check out the infographic below, get our 2016 Salary Guide. It includes not only an immense amount of local salary data, but also detailed job descriptions and market insights that will help you build your most talented workforce.

Top 10 Creative and Marketing Jobs Infographic

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