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Posted by Jadey Ryndak on November 10, 2008

Working from home has been a hot topic for both candidates and hiring managers here at Paladin.This week my team staffed several marketing roles that require our Paladin Associates to work remotely.For some job seekers it is seen as the unattainable Shangri-La. For others who have been there, working from home has lost some of its luster.And employers are often conflicted over the relative benefits and draw backs as well.

For those that are investigating or are dedicated to a virtual work life, here is a resource for you: Digital Nomads

I was introduced to the site by Bob Pearson, Dell’s VP Communities and Conversations.Bob was the keynote speaker at The Conference Board’s Corporate Reputation and Communications conference held in Chicago this October. After the event, he was kind enough to give me an overview of this online community.Here is one post of particular interest to individuals considering the switch to working from home: So, You Want to Become a Nomad, eh?

And for those that have worked alone too long – an alternative: Coworking the newest trend in the virtual workplace . .  . working alone, together.You can learn more and find coworking resources here: Coworking Wiki

For hiring managers, here are a few resources on managing virtual workers:

Business Week – Virtual Workplace Dos and Don’ts

Web Worker Daily – 10 Tips for Managing Virtual Workers

At Work Newswire – Managing Virtual Teams

And for those that still like working together face-to-face with a team. . . . I will see you on the train at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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