4 Signs That It May Be Time To Hire

Posted by Kara Bosworth on February 21, 2018

Technologies progress exponentially and market are evolve at ever-increasing rates. Businesses must keep pace or give way to irrelevance and, in turn, inevitable collapse. Structuring a marketing team to future-proof your business for this unavoidable change is as imperative as satisfying your current employment needs. Why? In a word: change. The world moves fast. And the world of creative and marketing moves faster. A key factor in keeping up with the speed is the optimization of your marketing department.

Given market changes, rapid shifts in technology, a fluid economic climate and increasing demands on organizations, there is no single, “one-size-fits-all” approach to structuring your team. There are, however, several stress factors that may indicate it’s time to add talent to your marketing team. Here are a few red flags that may indicate it’s time to beef up your team:

1. Missing pieces

If your company recently underwent a move or restructuring effort, lost talent to another company or is operating as a startup, it’s likely that you’re missing some essential expertise and tactical muscle. The loss of just one individual can severely hamper the execution of a marketing plan. This is especially true if your team loses a senior member with substantial historical knowledge and strong traditional marketing strategy skills.

2. Long hours

Your staff may be working overtime to keep up with marketing demands. It’s common in this field to burn the midnight oil for major projects. However, a pattern of putting in extra hours at night or on the weekends is a sure sign that your team needs help. If your employees are forgoing their vacation days in order to produce the necessary deliverables, you are at risk of burnout or even attrition.

3. A lapse in quality

Is your staff  currently producing just isn’t as good as it used to be? That could indicate they’re cutting corners to meet deadlines. Lackluster ad designs and fragmented marketing strategies are often suggestive of a team that’s overextended or creatively drained.

4. A reduction in business growth

Have your conversions, leads and sales flat-lined? This too suggests your company could benefit from more marketing support. Marketing and sales teams have a symbiotic relationship; just as what’s good for one can be good for the other, they can also drag each other down.

Augmenting your marketing staff can impact many aspects of your business. A right-size staff improves your ability as a senior level marketing professional to gain and maintain control over your department’s output for the benefit of the business as a whole. Instead of just looking at your needs as they relate to the basic coverage of key roles, consider what your team could use to make it better. This way you’ll be able to quickly identify, hire and engage candidates that bring more to the table.

Hiring Tip: While every organization needs a fundamental plan for building a team of creatives, senior marketing leaders not only focus on structure, size and function, but they prioritize passion and personality rather than sticking solely to skills. The attitude, interests and drive of their candidates are what differentiate them. These qualities enable leaders to create a superior team and drive better results.

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