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Posted by Paladin on November 06, 2013

Delivering Average Salaries, Job Descriptions, & More
At Paladin, we specialize in connecting top marketing, creative, communications and digital talent with opportunities at leading companies. And a big part of finding the combination that works best for job seekers and employers alike is knowing the average salaries of these professionals in their respective job markets.

That’s why we’ve developed our 2014 Salary Guide. This valuable resource combines our industry expertise with accurate compensation data to help you make an immediate salary range comparison between individuals in various positions and skill levels.


Average salary ranges for above-average professionals
Of course, you don’t want to overpay for top talent, but you don’t want to underpay either. Today’s professionals in marketing, creative, communications and digital are savvy enough to know what they’re worth: they have unique skills and want to be paid accordingly. Our 2014 Salary Guide will give you the average salary ranges for these positions, so you can make them an offer that will help them feel anything but average.

Comprehensive salary data and expanded job descriptions – a brilliant combination
In our 2014 Salary Guide, you’ll find the latest base salary information as well as total cash compensation figures for the most in-demand marketing, creative, communications and digital professionals. The data is broken out by company size and we also offer multipliers for the major metro markets in the U.S. to help you further refine the numbers.

This information is essential to helping you gain a better understanding of what to pay your current employees – a key factor in retaining your best talent. It is also invaluable when negotiating with new hires to ensure that the salaries you offer are competitive in your industry and market.

In addition, the 2014 Salary Guide also features job descriptions, which provide a brief overview of key requirements for each of the positions we fill on an everyday basis. For more expanded descriptions of the various positions, visit the job descriptions section on our website. Here are just a few of the positions featured in the guide:

Account Executive
Brand Manager
Chief Marketing Officer
Event Management
Marketing Manager
Product Manager

Account Director
Communications Manager
Communications Specialist
Media Relations Manager
Public Relations Manager
Web Content Manager

Art Director
Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Production Manager
Web Designer

Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Strategist
E-commerce Director
E-commerce Manager
SEO Specialist
Social Media Strategist

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