Stepping Up Your Graphic Design Skills

Posted by Paladin on January 11, 2018

Unless you have someone who does nothing but graphic design in your office, that job rests on you. Most of us have some skill when it comes to creating engaging graphics, brilliant images and smooth videos. Today we introduce three tools that will make your job much easier by helping you step up your graphic design skills.

Snappa Makes It Snappy

Snappa will simplify your job and take your graphic design abilities to a new level. The editor is incredibly easy with some simple dragging and clicking. Do you need a fresh image and not sure where to find one? They have over 50,000 photos, graphics and fonts from which you can choose. All of their stock resources are 100% royalty free, and they’re licensed for commercial use. Their templates are sized for a wide variety of niches, so it’s not difficult to find the right template for your needs. Looking to make your Twitter header a Facebook cover photo? With just a couple of clicks, you can resize your image to fit the platform you want to use. If you are using your own photos, you can upload and save those for future use.

You can try the Snappa free account, which is fairly limiting, but will give you an idea of how it works. They also have a starter account for one person to use and have full access – great if you are the only social media person on staff. If you have a team, there is a very affordable team package that gives you and your team full access.

Easy Does It With Easil

Easil is a handy tool if you need to print posters or business cards that match your header images on social media. Easil is very similar to Snappa in that they have a vast selection of images, templates and fonts available. They can resize anything to match the specs of your desired platform. One of the things that stands out most is the ability to create animated GIFs, which add eye-catching movement and life to a static image. Easil targets bloggers, hospitality, retail, startups and at-home users. It may not be the best fit for a large corporation, depending on your niche.

They offer a free package, but it does not allow for resizing or saving your work in a folder. There is a basic package that gives you access to 5,000 images and templates but it does not offer you industry-tailored templates. The Plus package is all-inclusive, but it is considerably higher-priced.

Relay Your Message

Relay That are all about helping you create your brand image across every social platform imaginable and doing it quickly. As an added bonus, they offer plenty of specific images and templates. They have over 350,000 images, textures and icons available, making it easy for you to visually set your organization apart.

There is a free package that will allow you to test run the site, but all of the work will have the Relay That watermark on them. If you work alone, the personal package is a great deal. The only thing it will not allow you to do is upload your own font. There is a team package that is currently not available. It will be completely inclusive for your team and it is the highest priced package of all the tools we have highlighted today. This could be a perfect outlet for a larger corporation that has more needs. There is no word yet on when that package will be available.

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