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Posted by Tessa Wegert on April 26, 2016

listening to music helps you be more productiveIf the promise of a productive and inspiring workday is music to your ears, it may be time to turn on some tunes.

Research has shown that listening to music can boost everything from your efficiency in the office to your state of mind. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that music releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter linked to the reward and pleasure centers in our brains. That puts us in a better mood, which in turn can stimulate new ideas and motivate us to complete our work faster.

Facing a day of repetitive tasks? Music will help you perform at a higher level. Need to finish up that never-ending project? Listening to 15 to 30 minutes of music can get you back on track.

But what type of music should you choose? Because listening to music while working is akin to multitasking, some say its best to pick songs without lyrics. One study that asked consumers to complete math problems while listening to music found classical music was a top genre when it came to accuracy. At the same time, pop music has been known to make participants better at spell-checking their work, and listening to dance music has led to improved performance.

That leaves you with a lot of song options. If you’re unsure where to start, use these ready-made playlists to energize your creative spirit and power up your routine.

Kick Off Your Day

Last year, Spotify partnered with music researcher Dr. Anneli Haake to research music in the workplace. Together they found that 36 percent of workers believe music “helps to get them through the day,” and that 34 percent listen to pop/chart music while at work.

Armed with a better understanding of musical preferences and office behavior, Spotify created Music in the Workplace, the “ultimate work day playlist.” Featuring radio hits and real-time favorites, and just ten songs long, it’s a great way to launch your working day and be more productive.

Improve Your Focus

When the pressure is on and you need to tune out the office noise to tackle the task at hand, look for playlists designed for students studying for exams. Options like Exam Study Classical Music, Classical Music for Studying and Concentration, and Ultimate Epic Movie Scores can have a calming effect on your mood.

Boost Your Creativity

To jump start your imagination, employ a playlist like Creative Explosion, a mix of enlivening tracks like Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home” and high-energy songs like Icona Pop’s “Emergency.” As an added bonus, this playlist includes songs in French and Swedish; if you don’t speak these languages, these may give your concentration an added lift as you’ll be able to dedicate your mind entirely to your work rather than subconsciously register the lyrics.

Be More Productive

When you’re stuck on a copywriting assignment or behind on a design job, there’s always Writer’s Block and Design Inspiration to nudge you across the finish line. Alternatively, you can take music recommendations from your creative peers. Ad agency Havas Worldwide created the Havas Party playlist by collaborating with employees across departments and teams. Give it a listen—or try the same approach with your own colleagues.

Regardless of the creative objective you hope to accomplish in the day and week ahead, there’s a custom playlist out there that can help. So grab your headphones, and start listening.

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