3 Simple Tools to Improve Your Social Media Calendar

Posted by Paladin on March 02, 2018

If you are working on your own, staying on top of your social media strategies are essential to your survival. If you have a team, you are wrestling an octopus! When an organized team or individual has a solid calendar that is flexible and easy to maintain, all is right in the social media world. We have curated a list of simple and easy tools that you can use to improve your calendar for the coming year.

The Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel may not seem like a glamorous and special tool, but it is incredibly useful. It’s not just for bookkeepers and accountants! You can download calendar templates in the program or you can build yours from scratch. It’s highly customizable and doesn’t cost anything extra if you already have a spreadsheet program on your desktop or laptop. The con? It is not effective for teams. An individual can get away with this just fine, but a team will constantly have to pass it back and forth after each update. If your team wants to use a spreadsheet, we suggest using Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet and share amongst each other. Google Sheets allows for asymmetrical editing online. This eliminates the headaches and confusion caused by various outdated versions living on different devices.

Google Calendar

Rather than start a Google Sheet for a calendar, just head over to Google Calendars and create an editorial to share amongst your team or incorporate with your day. For the individual, you can customize the color of your calendar so that you can easily spot your social media for the day. That is especially helpful if you already use Google Calendar on your phone for personal appointments and reminders. Calendars can be shared and make it easily accessible to everyone on your team. This also means that anyone who the calendar has been shared with can also edit. That is great if someone is on vacation who typically manages blog posts or the Twitter feed, so another person can take care of that update.


Co-Schedule is our personal favorite tool because it’s so easy for anyone, at any level, to use. From the solopreneur to top professional marketing teams, they have something for every type of social media and marketing manager. You can keep up with social media scheduling, a marketing calendar, automation of posts across a wide variety of social media platforms, maintain marketing projects, manage workflow, and check analytics on the effectiveness of the tool and your business. There are four pricing modules and ranges from $40 to $2,200 a month. They do offer a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required, that will let you see if this would be the right tool for you. We think it’s an investment well worth trying out and buying if you see any ease to your workflow and increased leads and/or sales.

Finding What Works

Every tool available doesn’t work for every individual or team. Sometimes something simple, such as a Google Calendar, is enough and others will need a subscription to something like Co-Schedule to manage and see major success. Play around a bit and see what works for you. If something works for a while and then it stops working, try something new. Do you have a method not mentioned here? Tell us what has or has not worked for you and/or your team!

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