How Hiring a Prime Creative Team is Like Creating a Work of Art

Posted by Paladin on May 02, 2019

If you’ve ever built a team of creatives from the ground up, you know there’s artistry involved in hiring the right people. In some ways, the recruitment process is similar to sculpting a statue or painting a portrait. Each decision you make hiring a creative team shapes the final product.

Make the right ones, and your creative team can become a work of art.

Choose Your Medium

The first step in hiring fresh talent is deciding what kind of creatives you should be working with. Like a writer determining whether they should craft a novel that’s historical fiction, a mystery, or a dystopian thriller, hiring managers must assess their own wants and needs — not to mention their target audience — before beginning a staffing project.

For example, are you looking for B2C know-how? Or do you need someone with business-to-business experience? Do you need a savvy millennial with deep digital marketing expertise? Or are you looking for someone with a traditional background who has watched the marketing industry advance from the inside? Would your department benefit from added knowledge of mobile media, marketing automation, analytics, social platforms, or all of the above? Think about the team you ultimately want to create. Keep that image in mind as you embark on your candidate search.

Use the Right Tools When Hiring a Creative Team

Just as an artist needs a collection of instruments and materials to produce their work of art, hiring managers need to pick the right tools to help them bring their creative team to life. Aside from an experienced recruiting and staffing partner, you’ll want to do some research into the skills you need to add to your department. You should also know what you can expect to pay for the top talent you seek.

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook is a valuable resource for this kind of information, and will even give you a sense of how each job type is expected to evolve in the years to come. Also, be sure to check out our Salary Guide for the latest salary data. With data on Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers; Arts and Design Occupations; and Media and Communications jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ guide is a must-have addition to your hiring toolkit.

Look for Natural Talent When Hiring Your Creative Team

There’s no question that creative professionals possess a certain degree of natural talent. The most successful among them have an innate ability to analyze the challenge at hand, devise an innovative solution, and apply it in a way that captures your target audience’s attention.

Your organization can take steps to nurture this inborn talent. Provide a workspace that’s conducive to brainstorming sessions and a company culture that stimulates your staff’s productivity. But while you may be able to help your team get their creative juices flowing, hiring people who come equipped with ready-made vision and an inspired point of view is the surest way to enhance your graphic design, content development, or digital marketing team.

Assess Your Candidates’ Creative Process

When studying a painting by a master artist, you can’t help but wonder about their creative process. You ask where they find inspiration, how they sketch out their ideas, when and where they paint, and so on. It’s important to understand your candidates’ creative process, too.

One study on the subject found that the creative process actually involves more than a dozen components, from independence and freedom to innovation and emotional involvement, social interaction and communication, and experimentation. Every candidate is bound to have their own unique approach to how they work. But gaining some insight into their routine will reveal a lot about their effectiveness at creative thinking and meeting deadlines, along with how well they’ll be able to integrate with the rest of your team.

Forming a top-notch creative team takes determination, patience, and an eye for quality work. Keeping these strategies in mind as you form yours can produce some truly beautiful results.

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