Keeping an Eye on New Apps in the Industry

Posted by Paladin on February 06, 2013

In the Apple App Store alone there are over 775,000 apps. With new mobile applications being released every day, it’s not easy to find the ones you need among the rest. Luckily for you, we’ve done some digging and found the best ones for the Creative, Marketing, and Communications industries.

  1. VoxerThis “push to talk” application allows users to instantly send voice communications, text and photo messages to people or groups in real-time. With a “Voxer for Business” specialization, this app could be beneficial for business and internal purposes.
  2. Chirp – Chirp allows you to create a… wait for it… “chirp.” A chirp is basically an audible QR code that allows other people who have the app receive the link/picture/note that your sending via the noise. Chirp is a free application for iPhones that could be really helpful when trying to transmit information to a crowd during a large presentation or event.
  3. Postagram – Turn images from your Instagram account into real-life postcards. This is a cool social media integration that’s easy to use. People are beginning to use this instead of sending traditional save-the-dates and invitations.
  4. Evernote – Just like its elephant logo suggests, Evernote never forgets anything! Evernote makes it simple to remember everything from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.
  5. Guide – This new technology, which aims to make getting the news easier than ever, takes the content from your favorite websites and creates a passive medium for stories by turning them into video and audio reports. In a nutshell, it could take all your favorite content from this blog post… and it could make a digital puppy dog on a screen speak the entire thing. So instead of browsing and reading this blog the first thing in the morning when you get to your desk, you could watch/listen to a digital avatar read it aloud for you while you’re brushing your teeth. Rad.
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