Video marketing trends: Who’s doing what?

Posted by Becky Cattie on April 19, 2017

Video marketing is a top trend for 2017 and most companies cannot avoid including elements of it into their current initiatives. We are seeing organizations build up their own internal production teams, as well as using outside agencies or freelancers on a per-project basis.

As a former casting producer for for Reality TV shows (please, no judgment), I have a soft spot for working with production crews. In my current role as a recruiter, I’ve also built up a network of strong producers and editors. I’m thrilled to combine both my worlds to help my clients and candidates in this space. To find out more about how various industries are incorporating video marketing trends, I asked a few organizations for their insights into this rapidly developing medium.

Video Marketing Is Business Strategy.

Rob Gilland, CMO at MB Financial, has been using video marketing for six years and has doubled its budget every year since 2015. “We do not have a video strategy. We have a business strategy, and our audience is consuming video at much higher rates,” Gilland explained.

MB has been using mixed media for external brand messaging. This includes website, social media, emails, online ads and traditional TV advertising. However, Gilland has seen a bigger return on video on-demand channels recently, like Hulu and YouTube. He aims to target all generational demographics and is device agnostic. They use outside agencies for most of their projects, but do have an in-house designer with production skills.

Gilland has found that video is very useful for internal communications, as well. MB uses video to help promote its culture and engage employees. They show the videos via their intranet, email and TV screens around the office. Gilland feels that video is the way people are consuming information in this market. He anticipates that they will continue producing twice as much material in the years to come.

Don’t Sell. Add Value.

McGuffin Creative Group’s team has definitely seen increased engagement by creating entertaining brand stories with video. Their clients are mostly in the financial, insurance and healthcare space. One challenge is educating clients in these industries on video marketing. Clients need to realize that the cost of conceptualizing and production is worth the return, even for smaller B2B organizations. McGuffin has been successful in helping clients shoot a single video that can then be edited into shorter pieces and used across different digital and broadcast channels to help maximize ROI.

When using video in social media, the McGuffin team aims to add value through entertainment rather than sell with video. The goal is to grab viewers’ attention in three seconds and to compel them to feel something. Whether that is happiness, sadness or amazement, they want a reaction. Including animals or kids is a well-known trick to increase engagement. The McGuffin team also creates infographics and screen text videos to mix things up. They want their clients to stand out from competitors. For some larger client projects, they partner with outside production agencies. A crew can range from two to ten people depending on the scale of the production.

Internally, McGuffin has also had high engagement on videos promoting their culture and brand on social channels. Occasionally, they stream live events. They have a producer on staff, and though they sometimes use an iPhone for office shenanigans, they highly recommend a more polished look for their clients.

(Thank you to the McGuffin team led by President, Chris Sculles and Partner, Director of Client Services, Betsy Fiden along with Creative Director, Rob Brookman, Creative Director, Kim Vonesh, Art Director, Lauren Riviere and Copywriter, Tanner Nemkov)

Video as a Tool to Recruit Customers and Employees

Jodi Navta, CMO of Coyote Logistics, has been using video tactics since she developed her marketing department over five years ago. Her second hire was a digital media specialist, and the majority of their projects are produced in-house. She feels that this gives them more agility and lends itself to a stronger brand reflection in the work.

Recently, Navta has been expanding her paid media strategy to include more Google and YouTube campaigns, along with social media and web for general branding. She sees the direct impact that it has had on recruiting for customers and employees through daily reporting. She has also seen the benefits for internal communications. Video has been a great way to show off satellite offices to bring teams together.

Evolving Video Strategy with In-House Studio

At Abt Electronics, Bryan Benavides, Director of Digital Marketing, has been heavily tracking analytics to ensure that they are driving relevant content in the digital video space. He finds that having an internal production team, as well as a studio with a green screen, has been cost effective for how many videos they produce. The majority of their projects are customer facing, but they also use it for recruiting and on-boarding new employees. It is important for them to incorporate their 81 year history. They have dabbled in live video feeds on Facebook and Instagram and have recently increased postings on YouTube. The key is to stay relevant, and they have definitely seen an increase in product sales when video is aligned to it. Benavides says that their video strategy is always evolving, and the key is to make it easily accessible to audiences.


The recurring themes I found were that video can be a very successful way to engage employees when used for internal communications and developing corporate brands for recruitment and retention. Externally, more organizations are focusing on social media and digital video channels to market their brands. When it comes to video content, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to entertain your audience and make a lasting impression of your brand’s identity.
Overall, whether your company is B2C or B2B, video is a top marketing trend that is not going anywhere.

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