Trust Me! Credibility of Corporate Blogs

Posted by Elise Van Buskirk on December 19, 2008

As social media marketing continues to gain a foothold in a marketer’s arsenal of communication tools, consumers will see an exponential increase in corporate blogging. Thousands of corporations across the world such as GM, Accenture and Proctor & Gamble have embraced blogging as a way to establish a dialogue with customers instead of talking “at” them through traditional communication methods. However, despite their popularity, a recent study on the Forrester Blog “Groundswell” highlights the low credibility associated with corporate blogs.

According to this study, blogs are ranked below newspapers, direct mail, online classifieds, corporate emails, wikis and the yellow pages in terms of credibility. The fact is that consumers can often see through the veiled attempts of blog authors to push products or bolster the reputation of executives in major corporations.

So, as marketers, how do we distinguish ourselves in the minds of cynical consumers while still leveraging this invaluable communications tool?

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